The PR machine begins in full force

The PR machine begins in full force

CW doesn't do enough for Supernatural

It's only a few weeks until the season opener of Supernatural breaks onto the television screen, and we're finally able to see the Winchester brothers once again. It's been a crazy ride and with the disappointment of season 7 behind us, we're ready to start anew.

The CW PR machine has been put into overdrive to help the show compete with the other shows that are coming out this fall. Supernatural has a lot of competition, but it's luckily no longer going against Grimm. While the shows are different, they are aligned enough to share many of the same viewers.

I know, I watched Supernatural and DVRd Grimm each week. With the success of shows like Once Upon a Time, there are a lot of new science fiction and fantasy shows coming out and if Supernatural is going to retain its audience, the CW PR machines is going to have to do a lot more than it is.

They've dropped hints about the new season, released some pictures, a promo and such, but I haven't seen too many commercials about the new season. It could be that I've just not noticed, but after such a hiatus and many shows already returning, it might be a mistake not to include during regular air times. This is especially true with it moving to a new day. Many people had grown accustomed to Friday night Winchester. Without a stronger PR campaign, the show may see a sharp drop in viewers just because many don't realize it has started and on a new day.