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Episode Recap: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie

It's been a pretty rough season and there haven't been many laughs, but Plucky Pennywhistles made me laugh out loud several times. It starts out with Sam being chased and attacked by killer clowns. The whole scene reminded me of the episode where Dean was running from the little puppy.


We then flash back a few days and the Winchesters are investigating the grisly death by Octopus of a local dad. We then see another dad impaled by a unicorn that has rainbows shooting out of its butt. The one thing that both victims have in common is there were at Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie. The place was supposed to conjure images of Chuck E. Cheese and other children's party places.


It turns out the children are encouraged to draw their worst fears and someone is using those drawings and bringing them to life. As Sam interrogates and questions people, we discover he has a tremendous fear of clowns and it's a running gag throughout the whole episode.


I won't spoil the ending, but it was hilarious and a nice departure from the recent doom and gloom of other episodes. In past seasons, there were always a few episodes that the writer's decided to have a little fun with. No matter how bad things were getting, they always stopped to have a few laughs. This season has been one downer after the other, so it was nice to get back to basics even if it was only for one episode.


I hope this is a turning point and things start going their way. I am getting tired of the drama and look forward to a little more action...and the return of the Metallicar.