The difference in Dean

The difference in Dean

Garth as the new Bobby

Since he first came on the scene, Garth has quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show. D.J. Qualls has a knack for playing the innocent and naive kid even though he's experienced. The brothers found themselves battling a hyperpossessing civil war ghost with Garth and the battle between good and evil once again took on shades of gray.

The first revelations we find is that Garth has become the new Bobby since Sam quit the biz and Dean got stuck in purgatory. Garth even wears an old had that Bobby gave him and has taken to using some of his phrases as well. It's weird to think as Garth as a treasure trove of supernatural knowledge, but he's apparently doing pretty good as he received several calls from hunters.

Needless to day, Dean didn't take this well. Bobby was like a father to him and seeing Garth butcher his phrases and wear his hat was too much for him. Dean lashed out at Garth and hurt his feeling, but Garth shot it right back at him saying that Bobby's death wasn't just felt by the brothers, but by the entire hunting community. Dean ultimately realized that Garth actually knows what he's doing and gave him his blessing.

Sam and Dean also had it out they do every season...and Dean admitted that he wasn't the same person he was a few years ago. Dean killed Sam's childhood friend in cold blood just because she had killed a few humans to keep her son from starving, but he wouldn't kill Benny who could very well kill again.

I was wondering when this would come up, but as the episode ended there was little usual.