Supernatural shocker: Cas comes back

Supernatural shocker: Cas comes back

Col. Carter/ Helen Magnus is an angel?

Things are certainly heating on Supernatural in what has got to be the best season the series has had in the last few years. The episode starts with Dean seeing a disheveled Castiel walking down the road, but when he looks back, the angel is gone.

Dean thinks he's going bonkers, but when the angel shows up and stays, we know that Cas is back. He gets a good shower and the trio are off to find Kevin who has been kidnapped by Crowley again. MCs mom got duped by a Craigslist witch who told her she was helping to make a demon bomb, but instead sold them out.

She did manage to capture one of the demons and Dean was able to “convince” him to give up Crowley's destination. He has the tablet and cut off one of Kevin's fingers to force him to read it. The brothers and Cas walk in and Cas puts on a good shoe for Crowley even though he's still really weak. The tablet is cut in half and and everything is copasetic.

It's then that Castiel is transported to what we assume is heaven and a new angel, Naomi, played by the amazing Amanda Tapping, best known for Col. Samantha Carter from Stargate and Helen Magnus from Sanctuary.

She cryptically tell Cas that he will stay with the Winchesters and tell her about what they do and that he will have no recollection of it. I don't know what her agenda is or whose side she's really on, but it's guaranteed to be cool.