Wait...another flashback

Wait...another flashback

Supernatural returns for Season 8

I was a bundle of nerves Wednesday night as I anxiously awaited the season premiere of Supernatural. When it arrived, I knew the old Supernatural was back. Classic rock, Metallicar and the definite influence of Carver.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode and it did a great of job of setting up the season. It was great to see Kevin outsmart Crowley and I am anxious to see what happened to Castiel. It sounds like something pretty bad went down, but I know he's going to be back this season.

I also knew that flashbacks were going to be used this year to explain the past year in Purgatory, but I was a bit annoyed at the sheer number of flashbacks. Dean had flashbacks. Sam had flashbacks. Kevin had flashbacks. It was a non-stop disjointed mess of flashbacks. I like the occasional use of flashbacks, but when you go overboard it makes you lose contact with the main story.

I hope it was just because it was the introductory episode and that future flashbacks will be less in number. A few spread out through the episode is one thing, but one after another like that from different people just made it look sloppy. It looks like the hunt is on for the word of God and the eventual decimation of the demons.

I hope we see some improvement over last season and things seem to be getting back to normal. The old Sam and Dean are back again and there's no leviathans to be seen.