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My Friday nights without Supernatural

A family routine and activity.

There was as time when I looked forward to Fridays. Before I had children, it meant I was going to be going out to party, date night, etc. When the kiddies came along, Friday nights became more about what was on the television. Friday night was always a good night for horror and science fiction fanatics, but it reached a whole new level when Supernatural came along. The series was a family favorite, and we would all huddle around the television to watch the exploits of Sam and Dean.

There is always an emptiness when the season ends, and we have to wait for the new one to begin. Suddenly, the family has nothing to watch, and we're forced to do something creepy like talk to each other. All joking aside, Supernatural is a big part of our weekend, and we feel a little lost without it. There's nothing on that we want to see.

There are always things to do, but our favorite is definitely watching Supernatural. I still find myself thinking that it's one and then feeling let down when I remember that it's just a rerun. I understand the need to take a break, but for the fans it's a bleak time. You can hypothesize about the new season and stalk the Internet looking for tidbits and leaks, but we're just going to have to wait until the comes back to be sure what's going to happen. We all want to see Chuck and Ruby, but as of now there isn't even any filming going on. So much for my Friday night!