Cartoon hijinks on Supernatural

Cartoon hijinks on Supernatural

MASH's Mike Farrell guest stars

I was wondering when they were going to have one of those funny episodes again after the death of the Trickster, so I was pleasantly surprised by the recent episode. The brothers and Castiel investigate the strange death of a man whose heart literally beat out of his chest.

They also find out that banks are being robbed using similar cartoony tricks and trace everything to an old folks home. There they meet an old friend and powerful psychokinetic that can warp reality. He had retreated into his own mind and was being manipulated by the center's manager.

Besides the endless cartoon actions and stunts, this actually did a great job of moving the plot without getting too serious. We learn more about what happened to Sam through flashbacks, possibly the worst part of the show, and that Castiel doesn't want to return to heaven because of what he did to it when he went all bad.

He's afraid that if he goes back that he'll want to kill himself. It's pretty powerful stuff, but it peppered with literally zany hilarity. Amanda Tapping was back as Naomi and they have Castiel on a pretty short leash. They won't let him visit heaven except to where they are. Although, at this point we don't know exactly on what team she's playing.

Is she God in disguise? Rogue angel? Who knows? Hopefully, we will know soon enough. There's still more new episodes coming, so my guess things are going to get flushed out pretty quick.