Season is not disappointing

Season is not disappointing

Familiar faces and story lines bring back old feelings

As the Winchesters take a much deserved break for the Thanksgiving holiday, I am going to reflect on the events of this season an how they have renewed my interest in this show.

I will admit that the past few seasons have been lackluster at best. Once the primary story line of the Winchesters saving the world from Satan was over, the was obvious the show lacked direction. If you add in various management shakeups, then you get a recipe for disaster.

We can all agree that the Leviathan storylines was pretty lame and even though we had a dead Bobby, ghost Bobby and finally dead-ghost Bobby. The last two seasons in particular were so bad I had a hard time even watching them. What ever did happen to Frank anyway?

This season has brought all the greatness of the early Supernatural seasons. The storyline is new and exciting, the characters are familiar and that classic rock rebel vibe is back in full force. I missed Castiel and Crowley and their interactions. This season has been refreshing.

The brothers may be rehashing the same old conflicts that they always have, but at least there's no Dick Roman. I do find it funny that they have apparently completely removed any hint of the Leviathans in the real world and we only see glimpses in purgatory. You'd think the disappearance or murder of one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world might get noticed.

I can't wait for things to return now that Castiel is back in the picture.