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Tired of the Reruns

This past Friday, I sat at my television at 8 p.m. anxiously awaiting a new episode of Supernatural. What I got was another rerun. I understand that television networks have various patterns and ideas on when to run new episodes of a television show, but giving us a rerun just a few episodes after another long stretch of reruns is just insulting.

The past several episodes have been really good and reminded me of the old days before Leviathan. There was a momentum building, and when I saw that Castiel was coming back in some form I was excited. Yes! We’re back to the good old days.

What happened? We got reruns. The momentum that had been building for the past several episodes is gone and instead we were left with a preview cliffhanger. Am I anxious to watch Supernatural again? Yes, but not nearly as much as I was.

If you want to give me reruns for a month or two in the middle of a season, go ahead. I don’t mind that. It gives people who didn’t get a chance to see some of the shows to get a recap. When you give me a slate of reruns, a couple of new episodes and then more reruns, it’s just insulting.

I really hope Castiel’s arrival or the Leviathan version of Castiel or whatever it is, provides some type of revelation for this Leviathan thing. We’ve been waiting too long and the network us just drawing out this pitiable season even longer.