Supernatural Episode 711: Adventures in Babysitting

Supernatural Episode 711: Adventures in Babysitting

Spoiler-free souls should not venture ahead.

So Bobby Singer is dead. This really isn’t a surprise, and given the brilliant episode we had the featured Bobby as he tried to fight death and get his message to the boys, I think it’s for the best. Had you asked me prior to last year’s cliffhanger, however, I would have protested with all my might; Singer was, and remains, my favorite character from the show.

Yet the show isn’t about its peripheral characters—and Singer was only meant to be a one-time appearance—so it was only a matter of time before the boys lost Bobby, too. Will we now meet other hunters the boys knew, or people like the pastors their father left them with while hunting? Or are they completely alone now? Only time will tell, but for now it’s just Sam and Dean and their sorrow—as well as our own.

Adventures in Babysitting was a decent enough episode. I was glad that they did give Bobby’s death a bit of airtime and the boys spent much of the episode grieving for their lost father figure. Bobby was closer to Sam and Dean than their own father was in many ways, so it’s only fitting that he get a better proper send-off.

The episode itself—with Dean tracking down the Leviathans for revenge and Sam on a case to find a missing hunter—was a good, but not great, one. I always like it when they throw in new monsters, and these vetalas were interesting enough—particularly when they died; however, their long spiky teeth and weird eyes weren’t enough to distinguish between them and other generic monsters—say, vampires or whatever. We’ve had enough human-based monsters; how about some really archaic fun ones, like more transformative gods or something, eh?

The direction in this episode was sort of confusing, too—such as when Sam went to check on a young girl and we didn’t see her fact for a full few minutes. She wasn’t a monster, so what was with that?

And I am sick of these Leviathans. At least they aren’t as predominant as the demons were during those ridiculous seasons, when we were all demon-sick, but they’re in the show one moment and the next it’s like they’re barely there, but still in the plot. Make up your minds, folks—and let’s see some revenge on them for Bobby’s death, too! I am all about revenge not being as sweet as they say, but in this case, I really want to see Bobby’s killer get justice—preferably the same way he made his research scientist eat himself.