Yes, it's getting better

Yes, it's getting better

Episode II gives us what we want.

I knew things were going to be awesome when they played FBI agents and identified themselves as Sixx and Neil. That was a sign to the fans that things were getting back to normal in the Supernatural universe.

It was a nod to naming themselves after classic rock band members, but that practice was curtailed after the Leviathans made them public enemy number 1. Last season, everything changed and no one liked it. They killed off Bobby, they made Cas crazy and there were so many lame “Dick” jokes that you wanted to change the channel.

This episode brought back everything that made Supernatural great. The humor. The in-jokes. The premise was that Plutus, a god, was auctioning off the demon tablet to the highest bidder. Dean, Sam, Kevin and his mom visit it with the goal of winning or taking it. Crowley was also there, as well as an angel.

Needless to day, things don't quite go as well as planned and Crowley ends up with the tablet, but not Kevin. Kevin jumps ship afraid that Dean will end up getting him killed. We saw a few more flashbacks of Purgatory and finally saw Cas. Cas disappeared after they arrived and has been dealing with the baddies.

We don't know what ends up happening to Cas, but it's not going to be good that's for sure. Next week, we are going to see what Sam did and what his normal life was like.