Supernatural footage

Supernatural footage

An homage to Paranormal Activity

To be honest, I have done a lot writing about found footage movies lately because of the release of Paranormal Activity 4, but I certainly didn't expect to write about it here. It seems the writers of Supernatural have joined found footage bandwagon in the latest episode.

The episode revolves around three students, one of which is putting together a movie. It's your typical handsome hulk, hot girlfriend and nerdy dweeb scenario and is shot using a variety of angles including hand-held and hidden security-like cameras.

The Winchesters come upon a gruesome scene and find a laptop with a note saying to “watch me.” The jock ends up getting bit by a pure blood werewolf and slowly begins to change, going so far as to kill and eat the heart of the campus douchebag. The nerdy guy gets envious and finds the pure blood and blackmails him into biting him.

Back at the apartment, jock werewolf and nerd werewolf fight because he wants the hot girl. Jock gets stabbed with a silver knife and nerdy guy bites hot girl to turn her. She freaks out until she starts to change and then leaves the bathroom and rips nerdy guy to shreds.

She pleads on the video to let her go since she technically hasn't attacked a human. Dean, who killed Sam's friend for almost the same thing, suggests letting her go. All and all, I thought the episode was well done and a quality standalone episode. I thought the found footage aspect was a little cheesy, but it was a good change of pace. I am sure many people missed the Winchesters this episode.