A sneak peek at Supernatural Season 8

A sneak peek at Supernatural Season 8

Our first look at Benny

October 3 is only a few weeks away and WB has provided us with a little more information about Supernatural season 8 and the mysterious Benny. It's no secret that Dean is going to start out the season already busted out and looking for Sam.

For the past year, Sam's put his hunting ways behind him and is trying to lead a normal life, including a girlfriend. When Dean comes into the picture, Sam drops everything to get back into the life and find Kevin, the prophet who was captured by Crowley at the end of last season. Kevin has escaped and the brothers are trying to find him before the demons do.

Very little is known about Benny and his role in the season. He's a vampire that helped Dean get out of Purgatory and their relationship and how it began will be played out through flashbacks throughout the season. The above is our first look at this Benny and he doesn't look like much. He certainly doesn't look powerful enough to rip Dean out of Purgatory, at least not without a little help.


Some good news from these released pictures is the Metallicar is back. It was gone through much of the last season, so the Winchesters could keep a low profile. Sam's hair actually seems to be longer than it was last year. I'm sorry, but this is getting a little ridiculous. Sam, get a hair cut. It's one thing to have that shaggy look and something else to just look bad.