Dean Winchester is a Jerkface

Dean Winchester is a Jerkface

And I’m pretty much ready for Supernatural to end.

I’m not going to stop watching Supernatural. Yes, there’s plenty of misogyny, double standards, pointless plot trends, and other annoyances to go around. Yes, this season has me shouting at Dean during every scene—and though I hope it’s an intentional plot device, I am pretty sure it’s just same old, same old.

Let’s recap, shall we? Sam wanted out of the family business from episode one, yet Dean sort of bullied him back into it, spanning multiple seasons of Sam yearning for a non-hunting life while Dean insisted it was their duty. And when Dean died and went to hell, Sam not only kept hunting—he also tried to rescue Dean to no avail.

Then, when Sam went to hell—in a much worse way than Dean, mind you—Dean moved on. He lived with Lisa for a year, being a father to Ben and pretty much living in paradise. Even though Sam returned—and was even soulless—he tried to leave Dean alone to live his dream.

Now, however, Sam tried to do the same out of loneliness while Dean was in purgatory—and Dean came home furious that he dared to do such a thing! Dean Winchester can do no wrong, and god forbid Sammy try to have a life of his own.

And remember when everyone freaked out when Sam hit his low and opened the gates of Hell by killing Lilith—and before that, screwing that awful demon Ruby? It was perfectly okay that Dean started these events in motion by torturing who knows how many people in Hell, but we must condemn Sam for undoing the final seal when he was trying to do the opposite.

I am so tired of this crap. Dean killed a monster woman who rescued Sam last season in cold blood after she killed to feed her children, but now it’s perfectly fine for Dean to pair up with a bloodsucking vampire. Dean Winchester is a jerkface and I’m sick of him. I don’t care how pretty this boy is; I don’t want to watch him anymore.

I do want to watch Sam, though, even though I’m growing tired of his flashbacks. I hope this season is their last. I used to truly love this show, but it’s gotten ridiculous—even boring—and tiresome. Let’s find the prophet, send all the demons to hell or wherever, and end this whole thing before it gets too painful to watch and my eyes start bleeding.