Supernatural Season 8 promo unveiled

Supernatural Season 8 promo unveiled

Demons, prophets and the word of God

With the new Supernatural season beginning next month, the network just unveiled the first preview showing Dean and Sam together and the premise for the new season.

The prophet of God returns, hiding out in a church, apparently free from Crowley and he's not too happy about that. Mystery still surrounds the whereabouts and motivations of Castiel, who was also trapped in Purgatory with Dean.

As I have surmised before, this season revolves around demons and Crowley. The Leviathans were defeated using information from a tablet, which is the word of God. There are other tablets hidden around the world and the Prophet knows where one can be found. Unlike the other, which dealt with Leviathans, this one deals with demons.

The Prophet reveals that the tablet contains the information to close the gates of hell...for good. As you might guess, this is very disconcerting news for Crowley. The tablet would banish all demons from the Earth and keep them in hell forever.

This all sounds too much like an end game kind of season, but I have thought that before. It's been suggested from the CW that Supernatural will stay on as long as people are watching it. I'm looking forward to the new season and getting back to the Supernatural basics. Demons and the Winchesters are what made this series great and I hope the writers will redeem themselves this season.

If the promo is any indication, then we're going to get a good dose of classic Supernatural. There's nothing wrong with going with what works.